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4th and 5th Graders Create Permanent Installation for History Museum

There is a new exhibit in San Juan Historical Musuem that discusses the history of the Ute people in this region. Two years worth of 4th and 5th grade classes contributed to a the installation. In early October, the museum unveiled the new exhibit in collaboration with Whitney Gaskill's 4th and 5th grade project.

Gaskill's students during the 2022-2023 school year produced the exhibit through researching and interviewing members of the Ute Tribe. They also held a fundraiser to purchase the contemporary art pieces included in the exhibit. The exhibit discusses the history of the Ute people, their presence in the region that is now Silverton, including various treaties with the U.S. government throughout history that affected the tribe.

This year's 4th and 5th grade class helped plan the special Night at the Museum Event. They worked to communicate about the project and led activities throughout the evening. Students from 2022-2024 contributed.

The museum staff supported the project through creating a mock-up of and installing the exhibit.

The students worked in collaboration with the Ute Tribe and the San Juan Historical Museum to curate this exhibit. They raised funding to purchase the art pieces featured in the photos below.

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